How to submit a case:
On the main ck311 page click the Service Request button on the top banner (you can log in if you have an account. Logging in will allow you to view your case in your requests section).
Click Open a New Case
  1. Fill in all the required fields. Remember to be as detailed as possible.
    1. Include further details of the location of the concern
    2. Include details on what exactly the concern is
    3. You can even attach a picture to help show what the concern is
    4. Put only one concern in each request
  2. Use the map feature to find the address of the concern
  3. Check off the acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s terms of use & privacy policy
  4. Click Submit

To follow up on a case, you can check the “My requests” section if you have a portal account, or call 311 (locally) or 519-360-1998.

What you need for Parking Meters Pay & Display malfunctions:

  • Detailed location of the parking meter (meter number if available)
  • What is not working with the meter? (eating change, screen not working, damaged, etc) 
What you need for Parking Enforcement Case:
  • Detailed location of where the ticket was issued
  • What date the ticket was issued
  • The ticket number if available 
What you need for Parking Permit Case:
  • Detailed location of interested parking permit location


For more information, please watch this video on how to submit a service request.